Pottery tradition since 1975

Decorating gardens since 1975 throughout Europe. Cerámica Campoy produces articles for outdoor gardening, interior decoration, accessories and homeware.

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Cerámica Campoy combine the most advanced technology in the industry with the most refined technique of manufacturing on the lathe. We have the latest machinery for obtaining clay, extruding and forming parts.

Raw Materials

By using the best raw materials extracted from our own quarry, a high performance clays are obtained. In this way they can be fired at temperatures between 995 and 1050 so we get a very low porosity.

Finished Product

With this combination of technology in manufacturing, quality clay and water repellent finishing we get a quality material, more durable and unalterable.

Packaging and Logistics

Cerámica Campoy know the importance of speed of service, so we have mº 1400 indoor and 2500 outdoor store with a large stock. All our orders are served in well protected by cardboard and plastic pallets and delivered in a very short time.

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